The Opposite of Perfect

Last week, I sat next to a girl who told me that her Christmas list “weights” $2,000. She said she expects “something big” from her parents, and added how Christmas season makes her stressed out since looking for the prefect gifts takes so much time and energy.

I wondered, “What makes a perfect gift?”

Later that afternoon, I took a closer look at my parents and came up with the following list:

  1. My father loves the beach. If he had a choice, he would spend every weekend resting in his favorite blue chair while overlooking the ocean and eating hamburgers. Over the course of years, I bought him many gifts with tropical themes. However, this year I am doing the opposite. He is not a big fan of sweaters; however relatives keep sending them anyways.


  1. My mother loves to set up Christmas decorations pretty soon after Thanksgiving. Every single corner in the house is taken by some popular Christmas character. Every year we end up with more and more Christmas stuff. It used to take us two hours to bring the boxes down from the attic. Now, it takes us almost the entire morning. This year, instead of complaining, I will do the opposite and enrich my mom’s Christmas collection. I will add some personalized ceramic photo ornaments.


Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves that simple things can make us happy. “The weight” of the Christmas lists will not make it perfect; however, the thought put into choosing the gifts will certainly do the magic.


One response to “The Opposite of Perfect

  1. I hear you ESLGIRLVG, you are a dying breed, people today expect something and completely disregard that actual meaning of the Holidays. Gifts or ideas for giving can be derived from the quality time spent with your loved ones over the entire year. The gift you say, should be something that will accomplish the thought of your caring and wisdom.

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