Shine like a Diamond

When was the last time you saw a video featured by a hair care company and thought, “Bazinga! This is simply amazing!”

Let me guess? You might need some time to remember.

Well, last night I stumbled across the video which inspirational story took me my surprise. The video was created by Pantene and launched in Thailand in 2011. It became an instant buzz. The story features a deaf violinist girl, who despite bullying and life’s struggles finds her way to shine.

Some people could argue by saying that this story has nothing to do with shampoo; while some might also say that the point of the video is clear: If you want to shine like a diamond, you better use Pantene hair care products.

In my opinion, this story is moving because it reminds us that life gets rough, but if we do our best and try hard, we will have an opportunity to SHINE.


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